Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Party Centerpieces: Design 1

I am serving on the staff Christmas Party committee at work.  I attended one meeting and since then have had schedule conflicts for every subsequent meeting.  I have been punished by being charged with making the centerpieces for the tables.  Suckers!  I am so excited to flex my crafting muscles in this challenge.  The original table count was 10, but as soon as I had bought my supplies, the count bumped up to twelve.  So, the last two will be based on how creative I can get with my existing supplies.

The colors are blue and white and the theme is snowflakes (a favorite at my work, apparently).  My job is to create centerpieces that are cost-effective, but attractive enough that someone will be happy to win one (we'll be giving them away at the party).  I decided rather than make them all uniform, I'd make a variety based around the color scheme and theme.  That way everyone who wins one will have a slightly unique centerpiece to cherish for years to come (or not).....

Today's centerpiece is inspired by this flickr picure I came across while searching for "snowflake centerpiece."  I couldn't find directions for how it was made, but it seems straight-forward enough: glass bowl, crochet snowflakes, & lights.  Piece o' cake.

Gathering my supplies:
6 crochet snowflakes.  I used DMC Cotton Thread 10 (a pearlized cream color is what I had on hand from this project) & a steel size 6 crochet hook
glass bowl (Dollar Store)
mini clear glue dots (craft store.  My first time using these and I love them!)
battery-operated light set (Dollar Store.  These take 2 C batteries and 2 of the contacts are on the cover of the battery compartment, so you really have to squish the battery pack together to get all the lights to work.  Not the greatest, but it was only $1.  I wrapped the battery pack in some silver tissue paper.)

Making the snowflakes:
I used the pattern "Four Tiny Snowflakes" by Christine Blair (link may not work if you don't have a Ravelry account).  I made my first snowflakes ever and was a little nervous about how they were turning out.  However, once I stiffened and blocked them, they were really neat.  To stiffen, I used the sugar + water method and blocked using the template provided with Christine's pattern.  I think this stiffening method is AWESOME but I did all my snowflakes at once, and they were starting to stiffen before I had pinned them. Next time I will just dunk a few at a time.

Assembling the Centerpiece:
I stuck a glue dot to the center of the right-side of the snowflake and attached them along the inside of the bowl.
 Repeat for the lights.

Turn overhead lights off and enjoy your cute little centerpiece!
I decided last-minute to add a little piece of tissue paper.  I think it kept the bowl from looking too empty.  In the original inspiration picture, they used some tulle and an ornament or two (I think).

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