Friday, July 15, 2011

Video Game Wedding: the Centerpieces

We knew from the get-go that we would want uber-geeky centerpieces.  After a shopping spree on ThinkGeek, we thought about using these 8-bit Flower Bouquets.  We received one, however, and found out the design was one-sided and guests unlucky enough to sit behind it would not be able to enjoy it.  After getting the one, we thought about how we could re-create it ourselves, using foam core, but a solid idea never surfaced.  I'm kind of glad I didn't see this Instructable on making pixel centerpieces until after our reception (I totally would have attempted it, but I think it may have been a little too involved for me).

I saw this Piranha Plant centerpiece originally referenced on and liked it, but thought I could improve on the design.

I started with large styrofoam balls and painted them with two coats of Mod Podge (apparently my favorite adhesive for wedding-crafting :) to help seal the styrofoam so I could get more even paint coverage with fewer coats.

Husband did his part by cutting out the mouths with the largest knife in our kitchen.

I had several ideas about creating the white spots on the head.  Ultimately, I painted the entire ball red, then went MacGyver on this project and used a donut-shaped magnet from our fridge as the large spot stamp.  I stuck the magnet on the end of my paintbrush and dipped the whole mess in the white paint.

I used the end of my paintbrush for the smaller circles and voila! Perfect spots!

The mouths were covered with a piece of black felt.  Husband drew and cut out some crazy teeth in white felt.  I cut slits in the black felt and glued the whole mess into the mouth.  For the lips, I bought some white cotton and busted out the sewing machine to make 2" tubes.  I stuffed the tubes with green pipe cleaners (easier to stuff in plus I had a lot of them).  I then folded over the ends of the fabric and glued the tube onto the mouth using a hot glue gun.

Originally, I had planned on putting them in terra cotta pots, painted green.  Leaves were added using pipe cleaners instead of felt.

Our plans changed, however, when our guest list grew so much that we had to add extra tables and our cat broke one of our pots.  I was too lazy to make any more, so we ended up planting our piranha plants in real plants bought from our grocery store for $2-$4/plant.  We classed the pot up a bit with a bow made from tulle. Bonus, we have some greenery for the balcony at our apartment!

For the rest of the plants, we added some random Super Mario Bros themed toys we had been using for our Christmas Tree. My favorite was the Bob-Omb chilling under the plant.

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