Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nerdopolis T2R1

Only one submission from me this round. Next month I'll do better!

Submission 1: Wildcard: Nerd Love
Rav handle: zombearthur 
Team Name: shady cels 
Craft: crochet
Description of how event theme is met: 
One of my first love affairs with video games was the NES version of Bubble Bobble. I loved the kawaii dragons and the fact that they capture enemies with bubbles. What could be better? In honor of this video game, I crocheted Bub (the green dragon) from Bubble Bobble. 
image title
Photo of project: 
Bubble Bobble: Bub
Team shout out for Nerd Cred: 
Bub is a green dragon. The green I used reminds me of another dragon; Shenron from the manga/anime Dragonball Z. 
image title

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Recycled Book Crafts (Library Program)

So, I'm trying to be clever and crafty with the overabundance of Reader's Digest Condensed Books donated to the Library recently. I started an adult craft program to repurpose them. Every Monday night, we do a different craft using books or their pages. Here's what we've done with the books in 2014:

September 2014:
 eReader Cover:

Stash Box (I gave mine to my niece for her Birthday as a jewelry box):

Secret Compartment:

Picture Frame:

October 2014:


Treat Bags:

Paper Mobiles:

November 2014:


Snowflakes & Gift Bows:

 Card Display:

2014 Card Crafts

All the cards I made in 2014:

Nerdopolis T1R3 Submissions

Submission 1: Nerdopolis University: Extinction
Rav handle: zombearthur 
Team Name: shady cels 
Craft: crochet 
zombearthur’s button scarf
Description of how event theme is met: 
For this challenge, I took inspiration from the Dodo Bird: 
image title
It is most commonly accepted that the Dodo went extinct around 1662. Dodos were isolated on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, fearless of humans, and flightless birds, which made them easy prey to sailors and animals introduced to the island by humans. There aren’t any complete fossils, so our only idea of what a Dodo looked like relies on drawings and written accounts from the seventeenth century. They are generally depicted as brownish/gray with yellow feet and beak.
The scarf I crocheted for this challenge is gray with bright yellow buttons. The gray may have matched the Dodos feathers, and the yellow buttons may have matched the Dodo’s feet and beak!
Photo of project: 
Team shout out for Nerd Cred: (Optional) 
Porky Pig from the Loony Tunes has a run-in with a rather unique imagining of the Dodo, in the Loony Tunes clip “Last of the Dodos.” I remember watching this cartoon as a child and this version of the Dodo is one of the first to come to mind when I think of this bird and my yellow buttons instantly reminded me of the Loony Tunes’ Dodo’s yellow head. 
image title
Submission 2: Wildcard: Movie Magic
Rav Handle: Zombearthur 
Team Name: Shady Cels 
Craft: crochet 
zombearthur’s braided cowl 
Description of how event theme is met: 
One of the most impressive films I have seen this year is Interstellar. There has been a lot of buzz about the special effects in this film, but nothing has been talked about quite as much as the film’s special effects depiction of the black hole
image title
The Executive Producer of the film, Kip Thorne, also happens to be an astrophysicist. His calculations were used to create the model of the black hole that appears in the film. ”the black hole draws in matter from its surroundings into an accretion disc, shining incredibly brightly and brilliantly. This had previously been known - but the visual effects team found when they modelled it, the gravity of the black hole twisted the disk of gas into weird shapes.”
Photo of Project: 
To represent the twisting of the disk of gas into weird shapes, I have crocheted a cowl that involves several twists to create a unique shape. 
Team Shout Out for Nerd Cred:
The way the strands are twisted in my cowl remind me of how braided hair is often depicted in anime. The first person to come to my mind when I thought of braided/twisted hair was Duo from the anime Gundam Wing. I probably haven’t though about that anime in 10 years! How fun :D 
image title
Submission 3: Change the World: Heal the Chill
Rav Handle: zombearthur 
Team Name: Shady Cels 
Craft: donation of items 
Description of how event theme is met: Every year, my husband and I participate in our local Secret Santa. This year, we bought gifts for three children. Not only does it warm my heart to think that we were able to provide gifts to children who otherwise would receive nothing on Christmas, but one of our kids, a 9 year old girl, requested a throw blanket. We bought her a really neat one with cupcakes on it and it will definitely keep her warm!
Photo of Project: 
Secret Santa 2014 
These are our bags of gifts at the drop off location. They were sorted and labeled, so I didn’t want to take them back out. You can just see the cupcake blanket in the Shopko bag in the back.
Team Shout Out for Nerd Cred: 
The cupcake blanket and need to stay warm remind me of Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph, who has to use candy wrappers to bundle herself up: 
image title
Submission 4: Area 51: Parts of the Whole
Rav handle: zombearthur 
Team Name: Shady Cels 
Craft: crochet 
zombearthur’s scrappy chevron
Description of how event theme is met: I started my chevron infinity scarf in November, thinking it would be a great way to use up all the scrap pieces of yarn I had lying around. The color scheme was designed using random stripe generator and is not colors I would have chosen myself, but I love it so much! At the end of November, I only had about 50 color stripes completed. The complete scarf took about 300 stripes to make it long enough, which I finished this month.
Photo of project: 
Chevron Infinity
Team shout out for Nerd Cred: (Optional) 
From this project, I learned that infinity scarves are quite a bit longer than a traditional scarf to get a good wrap-around effect. Knives Chau from the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley also sports a rather long scarf. 
image title
earburn: lisajedi

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Page Necklaces

When the crafting mood strikes, it must not be denied. I came across this cool old textbook "A Girl Grows Up" at the Library. The cover had some serious water damage issues, but I decided I HAD to craft with the pictures.

I thought they'd make really cute pendant necklaces. I made one for each of my staff members at the Library:

I originally used a tutorial on and wanted to just link directly, but the link is no longer active. Here's a picture that used to be associated with the tutorial:

This is one of my first attempts at jewelry, so I am by no means an expert. I'll try my best to describe how I made my necklaces.


book pages
1" hole punch
Mod Podge + brush
Diamond Glaze
X-acto knife
Necklace chain
Jump rings
Needle nose pliers
Necklace clasp of your choice
Wax paper (to protect your work surface from glue mishaps!)

Step 1: Glue a book page to the front and back of a piece of cardstock. I was mostly focused on the images, so I just used a random book page for the back so that if the pendant gets turned around, it didn't have a blank back.

Step 2: Hole punch your desired image/text.

Step 3: I resealed the edges of my punched circle by coating in Mod Podge. Allow to dry.
Step 4: I used Diamond Glaze to give the image some protection and add some dimension to the pendant. Make sure to have a pin handy to pull out any bubbles that form while pouring.

I was a little concerned with the cloudy image after applying the Glaze, but the cloudiness went away after the image dried.
Step 5: Use the X-acto knife to pierce through the Glaze and paper to make a hole for a jump ring.
Step 6: Cut your necklace chain to the desired length. I used 18" for all of my necklaces.

Step 7: Now you get to experiment with creating unique necklaces. Add beads, additional chain, multiple pendants, or anything else you can think of! I ended up not being able to use my pearl beads because the jump rings I had on hand were not big enough to go through the pearl and attach to the chain. :( 

Step 8: Finish your necklace with a clasp and you're all set!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nerdy Christmas Crafts

Marvel Superhero Christmas Tree:
My husband and I are quite fond of themed trees. We've had a small 3' tree for many years that we made Mario themed ornaments for (mostly kids' meal toys). When we moved into our home, we bought a larger tree at a thrift store. For the last two years, it has been decorated with a random assortment of hand-me-down ornaments. This year, we decided to make the tree decor our own. To stick with our living room theme of comics, we decided to make a Marvel superhero Christmas tree.

I used some scratched up bulbs that have been sitting around doing nothing:

Took some Mod Podge and old Marvel Previews catalogs from my local co

Took some Mod Podge and old Marvel Preview catalogs that I got from my local comic book store:

Ta-dah! An ornament bulb featuring some of our favorite characters!